The Flower of Life & The Cross of Zamolxe


The Flower of Life


Mighty cosmic Flower,

Let all your power,

Come here this hour,

Darkness to devour.

Our hearts refine,

Our souls align,

To our essence divine!

Take dominion now,

To your power we bow.

Come here and bless the Earth,

Bring to all a great rebirth.

God is Father,

God is Mother,

Never One without the Other!


The Cross of Zamolxe


The Cross of Zamolxe is perhaps the oldest symbol of the Dacians, with the highest vibrational energy. The arms of the cross are equal in size. The Cross is made of the Flower of Life and it represents the energy of Zamolxe as a solar god (and son of light). Used in association with the sacred syllables AM (coming from Amos) and RA, both denoting the Sun God, the symbol comes from times immemorial and it has accumulated great power, which can bring the person who uses it in spiritual practice, from heightened awareness to super-consciousness.


All the Deceneu priests (who carried this name because they had the power of 10 gods) carried this symbol on their body. They understood the significance of this cross and knew how to make use of it. Later, all priests and anybody who wanted could wear this cross on their body, because it was a free society where they had everything in abundance and everything was free, including knowledge.


I have reconstructed this symbol to the best of my ability, according to my knowledge and skill, for the use of my people, descendants of the Dacians, and for all people, when they awaken their consciousness. AMEN – AM-RA.

(Mircea Andrișan in his book Rădăcini/Roots, Ion Prelipcean Publishing House, Horodnic de Jos, 2016)




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