The Need to Reconnect to the Ancestral Spirit


The contemporary man, entrenched in mental concepts, needs to stop regarding himself as separated from the Whole, and reconnect to his roots. We need to feed our soul again with what is valuable. Heartless blind rationalism needs to be realigned to Source through the Heart, so that the world around us might come to life again and regain its magic. The inner imaging (Alpha-type thinking) needs to be reconnected to a higher type of guidance. We need to reconnect to the Earth, the Stars and our ancestors.

Living in the urban cililization and in the artificial virtual world of the internet, we long  „To Go Back Home” and reconnect to the authentic values of our ancestors. We wonder at the beauty of the traditional Romanian shirts and the traditional painted pottery, but what is their meaning? How do they help us connect to Spirit, value and truth? Have the popular art forms of folklore turned into empty shells without content? We look at our folklore and at the popular customs and we see that little is known about the concepts and values that created these forms initially.

The collective memory of our people is preserving in veiled forms an ancient esoteric knowledge with symbolic and initiatic value, that we can access in order to reconnect to our ancestors. When the ancestral initatic organizations were destroyed by the juggernaut of history, they passed on everything to the collective memory, it was the only way in which the sacred knowledge could have been preserved. The natural lack of comprehention of the masses was a guarantee that the esoteric elements would be preserved like a sort of testimony of the ancestral values, until the time will come for people to access again and understand the values of the past.

The time has come for us to reconnect again to meaning, to the veiled significance which wants to rise again to the surface of humanity’s consciousness and to be consciously understood, in order to offer help and guidance to people and rise them up. The question is – How can we reconnect to value and significance, to the Ancestral Spirit of our land, when we are so disconnected and we have forgotten almost completely the ancient ways?

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Following on the footsteps of our ancestors at Cetățuia Negru Vodă, Argeș County, Romania


The Stairway to Heaven at Cetățuia Negru Vodă, Argeș County, Romania
Cetățuia Negru Vodă in Argeș County Romania (a.k.a. „the Romanian Meteora”)


There are people who have already found a way in which we can reconnecti. A model to follow is that of the Romanian sculptor CONSTANTIN BRÂNCUȘI. As the well-known Romanian philosopher and anthropologist Mircea Eliade has shown, Brâncuși has not copied folklore, his work is not a simple imitation of the art forms of folklore. Brâncuși saw that the source of all archaic forms of archetypal art in Romania and elsewhere on the planet is found inside us, it is found in Spirit. He knew where to look for the real source of the forms he created. He went inside himself and found that state of Presence in the world which is characteristic for the archaic human being. (Mircea Eliade, Temoignages sur Brancusi, Arted, 1967, p. 12)

Let us follow the ancestral road symbolically traced by the footsteps of Constantin Brâncuși.  Let us connect with love, respect and understanding to the Ancestral Spirit. Following on the footsteps of Brâncuși, we shall travel together in search of the Ancestral Spirit. How are we going to do it? By connecting to the Romanian sacred places through meditations (presented in a separate section on this Blog) and through journeys.

The Endless Column of Constantin Brâncuși at Târgu Jiu represents the Ancestral Spirit

Like a Ladder of Ascension climbing to Heaven, The Endless Column of Constantin Brâncuși represents the Ancestral Spirit and our DNA. Through the intertwined generations of ancestors, the Masculine and the Feminine come together in a sacred way, and propagate Life through Space and Time, to infinity. The road has been traced, and we can use it to reconnect to Guidance, Love and Truth, to the Ancestral Spirit.

Following the Ancestral Way

Reconnect to the Ancestral Spirit!


All Love! All Wisdom! All Power!



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