The Glykon Snake – The Feminine Spirit of Dacia


The current blog is dedicated to our reconnection with the Ancestral Spirit. The Glykon Snake is a symbol of the Feminine Spirit of Dacia.

Some factual information about the Glykon Spirit, taken from Wikipedia:


A treasure of great value was accidentally discovered in the city of Constanța, in the year 1962; it contained 24 objects carved in marble, including the statue of Isis (an Egyption deity very popular on the Romanian Black Sea Coast and in the city of Tomis), and the Glykon Snake. Dating from the 2nd century our era, the snake statue on its postament is carved in a single block of marble, 66 cm wide. The length of the snake (if it were stretching out) is 4,76 meters. The snake is carved in a coiled position. It has got the face of a lamb and human hair and ears. The cult of the Glykon Snake was spread on the coast of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean sea.

What Wikipedia does not tell us is that the Glykon Snake represents the Divine Feminine Energy, endowed with All Love, All Power and All Wisdom. The Glykon Snake represents the Mother Goddess, the Divine Feminine Principle at a galactic and cosmic level.

Now let us talk about the archetype of the snake. After the spreading of the Fall from Eden tale, the archetype of the snake acquired an extremely negative reputation. This was not an accident – the patriarchal religion of the cosmic era of the Fish took away the power of the Mother Goddess. Every kind of snake became negative, including the Great Galactic Mother Snake!

But in the pre-Christian era, this archetype had positive connotations which are met in numerous cultures, on many continents. The Snake archetype takes care of the planetary and cosmic waters (she is the Mother of the Waters). She is a healer and helps us cast away our past, just as a snake casts off its skin. She is a wise spirit who sinks into the deepest places within ourselves, and knows the way back to paradise. In South America we find Quezacoatl (the rainbow-plumed serpent), who brought the Christ energy on that continent, as confirmed by Gnostic knowledge. In the Hindu knowledge we have Mother Kundalini, who shows people the way towards Ascension. The arbitrary rejection of this sacred symbol is caused by ignorance and prejudice rooted in religious dogma.

We notice that more and more people are separating from the dominant patriarchal religions, in order to worship the Mother Goddess, the Ancient Goddess of the matriarchal cultures. Why is this happening? The cosmic calendar is turning, and the Feminine Energy is coming back to Earth. There is a cosmic calendar in which the astronomic eras periodically return, and the Feminine Energy is bringing with it great planetary transformations, which will end up with a so-called „Golden Age”. Our planet has known several Golden Ages, and the Energy of the Divine Mother dominated every one of them. Below, you can see a diagram which explains the succession of ages (which are called „yugas” in Hindu knowledge).

New Picture

At present the Earth is dominated by a derranged Masculine Energy, separated from the heart. It is a mental energy focused on domination and control, which is destroying our planet. More and more people are seeking to rebuild the broken connection with the wisdom, gentleness and support of the Divine Mother.

Mother Mary with the Christ Principle in her arms, is the way, she is the actual salvation of our planet. When people are going to open up their hearts, they will stop ruining and destroying the planet. When people’s hearts will open to the Christ, our planet will become a New Earth, as the prophecies say. Then, and only then, Romania will become the „Mother Mary’s Garden” of the prophecies. Romania will no longer be a „no man’s land” characterized by abusive deforestation filling the pockets of greedy land-owners. The state of the land reflects the consciousness of people!


We’ll end this article with a reference to „the miracle of the praying snakes” who every year come to pray at Mother Marys’s icons on the island of Kepalonia, Greece, when Mother Mary’s Day is celebrated.

This is the reason why we have chosen the Glykon snake as a symbol for this blog.





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