Atlantis – Conversation with a Dolphin

The therapist: Have you got off the cloud? What do you see?

Ana: I see the ocean. It is blue, with diamond rainbow sparks. It is like made of millions of crystals like living tears. I feel the water’s soft caress on my body… I am sliding and floating in the water… I am a dolphin.

The therapist: You are a dolphin

Ana: A pink dolphin…. foating cheerfully in a pod of dolphins…. Frisking on the waters… Until the sun goes down, when the whole sea turns golden pink. Then I sink into the deep, lower and lower.

The therapist: And what do you see there?

Ana: I see a crystal dome on the seabed. It is illuminated inside. Crystal or glass, that’s how the dome looks like. Inside the dome there is city. It’s in Atlantis. I am getting closer. They are waiting for me.

The therapist: Who is waiting for you?

Ana: A child. She is sitting with her nose flattened against the glass wall looking out, waiting for me. I know that. I can feel it before I get there. And the child can feel that I am getting close.

The therapist: What is the relationship between you?

Ana: We are best friends.

The therapist: How have you met each other?

Ana: The little girl was in a pool in the crystal city under the dome. Actually, the dome was not made of glass, there was an energy field that kept the water out. I see a pool with different shapes of fountains, where little kids are playing in the water. A pool with artesian fountains under which they play. Colorful jets of water, under which the small children hide laughing. The little girl… her name is Ateá. She is about three years old, she is small. She is in the pool, but there is barely enough water to swim in… She is right at the edge near the „glass wall”, near the energy field and she sticks to it, and I come and I stick to the outside of the wall and we communicate telepathically. The child and I. And we play. This is the first communication of love, which opens the heart. She feels that I am a friend.

Later, the little girl got out of town and we flew together and it all started as play. She had no idea it could be anything but playing. That was the protocol. That’s how it was done. The children were introduced to the dolphins and vice versa through play. I am a female dolphin, she is a little girl, we are alike.

The therapist: Does this make communication easier?

Ana: Yes, it does. Very much so.

The therapist: Is there anything else that facilitates communication?

Ana: Part of her is dolphin, she has dolphin soul. She received at birth a certain amount of dolphin soul, to facilitate her mission in this life. So her soul is half dolphin. The souls is not as you are taught. It is interwoven, braided. Often when a person has got a mission to achieve, he or she receives a strand of soul from another person or being that intertwines with the person’s soul, because the soul is a sort of informed energy and if it received certain qualities, certain attributes, it helps in the mission of a certain life. Therefore Ateá could easily communicate with dolphins, because she was specifically created for this purpose.

The therapist: Why was it important to communicate with dolphins?

Ana: Because Atlantis was a dual marine civilization, it was energetically supported by dolphins. Atlantis was doubled up in the water world energetically (in its foundation energy, in the dolphin world of the higher dimensions). It received from there great energetic support and spiritual knowledge. There were dolphin teachers who transmitted knowledge through human „communicators” especially trained to download energy and information from dolphins. If it hadn’t been for the dolphins (and whales), Atlantis wouldn’t have lasted so long.

The therapist: And how did you communicate with the little girl?

Ana: Telepathically. At first we looked at each other and telepathically communicated eye-to-eye, but then we could do that from the distance. After that, we made the transfer.

The therapist: The transfer? What do you mean?

Ana: We exchange consciousness, but the bodies remain in storage in a facility at the outskirts of the submarine city. When the experience is over, each of us returns to her body.

The therapist: She basically has your experience and you have her experience? (Yes) It is like living in each other’s bodies…

Ana: Yes, but the bodies remain there, they do not leave to live in their world, only consciousness leaves. The bodies stay there in the lab. That’s how I see it. This exchange somehow gives the girl better access to dolphin experience and complex information.

I see colors, a „water” of colors, colors like water, in which her consciousness travels. It is a world of colours that she travels in. The world of the dolphin fairies, if you can imagine that. Yet this world is not in the ocean, it looks like air… There are crystalline structures suspended in the air, between which dolphins float.

The therapist: And while she is learning these things, how is Ateá feeling?

Ana: Great! Ateá feels as if she no longer had a body boundary, like a free energy, like floating without the limit of skin and bones. It feels so good to be outside the physical body, to float free… She feels like she is flying… It is like coming home. Like an energy bubble that is coloured.

And there are emotions around, that have colors. The energies of emotions. Emotions that carry no weight. You know how dolphins are, how they laugh, squeak and enjoy themselves? That kind of emotion. I see them, and they have different colors. But it is hard to tell exactly through which sense you perceive them. You feel them as a liquid music at the cellular level and you perceive them as having colors, but it is hard to tell if you smell, hear, feel or taste them. It is as if all senses coalesce… It is another way of perceiving.

The therapist: How do you teach Ateá?

Ana: The information is downloaded into her DNA, so she can pass it on to other people. She is at school here, to learn communication with dolphins and to download information from dolphins when she grows up. She is a school girl now. The downloading of information is done not only at the mental level but also at the corporeal level, through synesthesia.

The therapist: Does Ateá have several teachers?

Ana: Ateá exchanges identity with me, but I am connected to the entire dolphin network. You can say she has many teachers, because they are all in one. To make it easier for her she only connected to one, but that one contains everything. If she had connected to all the dolphins at once, this would have been confusing for her.

The therapist: Do dolphins like you still exist on Earth?

Ana: There is a branch of us, but the pink dolphins have withdrawn, because the vibration is too coarse for us, your dimesion is too dense for us.

The therapist: Is the communication with Ateá in our dimension or in another dimension?

Ana: To communicate with us, your patient has sent a part of herself to our level, which is in a higher dimension than hers (Atlantis was not in 3D, by the way). The experience in the dolphin reality is synesthetic. It is hard to describe. It was a synesthetic city… like a poem, like music in colours and liquid perfumes.

The therapist: They were not separated…

Ana: They were all in one, all together… extending in each other. And there is something else: it’s like the whole city was in it and it was all over the city. Everyone felt the same way… and they could feel the outline of the city. The city (I mean its buildings) was self-aware and could change when the collective consciousness demanded it.

The therapist: Was there more than one city?

Ana: I can access only this city right now. Because this is what she is shown. I am in the little girl’s consciousness… and she doesn’t know anything else.

The therapist: Did the people in the submarine city sleep?

Ana: Yes, they slept when they needed it.

The therapist: Did they rest once a day or at regular intervals?

Ana: They slept much less than we do. They were in a higher dimension, and they needed to reload themselves less frequently. Plus they could travel through meditation and a sleep-like result was achieved. They slept less often than in 3D. Not every day.

Therapist: What else did you like to do? Did you like to eat?

Ana: Eat? Yes we ate, but the food was less solid, it was almost liquid, somehow. I didn’t eat meat, I didn’t eat solid food, it was almost liquid, as I see it. Somehow the whole Atlantis that I see was more ethereal. I see she was eating fruit, but it was… everything is less dense than it is today… I don’t know how to explain it any other way.

The therapist: Was Ateá raised by her parents?

Ana: No. The children were raised together in a sort of nurseries, by professional nannies with special mental capacities, whose only purpose in life was to serve the children. Children are never allowed to be overwhelmed by sadness, which would create trauma.

The therapist: One thing is not clear. The dolphin is an aspect of Ana (Ana’s self from a past life), isn’t it?

Ana: Yes, it’s Ana’s self from the time of Atlantis.

The therapist: How about the little girl? Does she have anything to do with Ana?

Ana: Yes, of course. She is her Ana’s self from Atlantis.

The therapist: You mean both the dolphin and the little girl are Ana’s selves from Atlantis?

Ana: Yes. Ateá was a person with a considerable percentage of dolphin soul, so that she would access more easily the knowledge of dolphins. Pink dolphins has a higher vibration than humans and frequently traveled between worlds (between dimensions). They had astral journeys to the worlds from which they came from the stars.

The therapist: What did the little girl access when she exchanged consciousness with the dolphin?

Ana: She wasn’t a little girl anymore. She had reached adulthood. I see their bodies hanging in a sort of ethereal bubbles, and between their bodies there is a sort of transparent chord. Ateá has exchanged consciousness with the dolphin and travels in its world. She passes through cloud-like, colorful shapes. Then through something that looks like transparent bee hives. When she passes through these structures, she enters a place (?!?) where everything is rarefied, where there are only fragrant coloured emotions. If she drinks one of these emotions, they have stories inside, from other planets… She has access to all these stories and experiences, with a multitude of details… These are the ancient experiences of the dolphin race… with all their wisdom. Ateá discovers that she has had many lives as a dolphin… and she knows everything she had experienced at that time.

The therapist: But what does that have to do with Earth?

Ana: Earth is a new world that uses older models. It’s a mixed prototype, so to say. It combines aspects of different worlds… Because it is a young world, it needs ancient wisdom and knowledge… which is brought in information capsules planted in Ateá’s mind, to be consciously opened later, when she returns to the body and wakes up. The information is archived. They have to be unzip it the way you unzip a computer folder… The information explains how a lot of things are done.

The therapist: Does she unzip the folders by herself?

Ana: No. She unzips them later with the Council of Elders in the submarine city, and after that the people in charge record them in crystals. Then the crystals are duplicated and transmitted to various places in Atlantis, where the information is used. It is information related to many things: to architecture, to the construction and use of temples as technology for downloading energy and knowledge… Everything, everything… from what to eat and how to process food to how to grow plants, how to organize schools, how to make a city, how to build a ship, how to communicate with beings from other worlds or from the planet where you are, etc…

The therapist: But doesn’t Ateá have problems with so much information from dolphins? Doesn’t she get head aches from too much information?

Ana: No, not at all. She is only vaguely aware of the information or not at all aware of it, in the state of wakefulness. Only when he intentionally enters the state of trance can she access the information, and part of the information can be accessed only with the support of the Council of Elders.

The therapist: So Ana has accessed information using this method (taught by Dolores Cannon) in her past lives?

Ana: Of course she did. It’s inside her. It is written in her to do this.

Therapist: Oh, I see!

Ana: More and more people will remember how to do this, and at some point when the critical mass is reached, it will be like the hundredth monkey effect. The knowledge will be triggered in the collective mind of mankind and everyone will know how to do it. It is part of the natural awakening of human consciousness.

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